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– I had an interesting realization this morning. I believe, last night was the first time I have ever stayed in a hotel solo. I usually am always traveling with a buddy, or, if for a work-event, a co-worker. This weekend is a bit different. I’m attending a conference in DC solo and then hanging with my friend who lives close by. Today has been learning central and has given me a new affinity for traveling alone. When I reached my destination last night and entered my hotel room with the king size bed I felt just a few feet away from heaven!

– As I was driving through DC into Maryland I caught a sweet view of the washington monument at night…I had to pull over and take a reflection moment.

– I’m staying at the Hilton and apparently Hilton is pro Friday, 2pm weddings. Now, so am I. Didnt know I would be attending a wedding this weekend….SCORE!! And if you are wondering if there were tears while I was attending the strangers wedding…the answer is of course, yes.

My conference is all about development and working with the different biological challenges within a ‘relationship based’ model. Essentially using people and emotions to create change within kids life. I’m in. One of the many video clips that was shown this morning:

– I’m humbled by friendship. 6 years ago I moved across the country to live in Yellowstone National Park for a summer. Very unsure of what this summer would hold. There was this girl that was staying across the hall from me that did the same thing. This weekend, I get to hang out with her. I’ve spent about 15 days with Kelly since Yellowstone, yet she is still one of my absolute best friends. Theres something about keeping in touch with people that really can change your life.

– Lastly, this weekend is pretty special to me. I am anxiously awaiting the call that my pseudo neice has entered the world! Sarah & Bill’s little girl should be here any minute and I can not wait to love on this little girl. I could write a whole blog post on how much I was surprised by the amount of love I have for little will…I have a feeling this little girl is going to do the same thing. I love being an aunt!

Sorry no words of wisdom on this post. Just me, being a girl, traveling solo, and sharing it with the world.


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The random thoughts in my brain…shared via internet knowing that you all can’t wait to hear whats happening up there!

  • Its summer in Chicago!!! I cannot imagine a better place to live. Summers in Chicago make the winters bearable because you know true beauty is coming!
  • But…I’m leaving this paradise to have a relaxing long weekend in the senior citizen capital of the US…NAPLES!! Ashley, Allison, and I are packing up and ready to meet swamp people, go on boats with casinos, keep a lookout for python’s falling out of trees, and overall become bronzed beauties. I can’t wait!
  • As my last post reported….Ashley did in deed get baptized on Sunday and she asked me to be her baptism buddy. It was an absolute honor and of course it meant we had to buy Baptism.Buddies. Forever. slap bracelets. Perfect accessory for a lake-side dunk!
  • Ash getting baptized also meant my mom came in for a quick Chicago trip. It was so wonderful to have her live life with us for a day. It looked fairly similar to what life looks like when I’m back home in IC town, but instead of farm houses and pick up trucks we had skyscrapers and taxi cabs. A bit different! What was the same was spending time with great people, drinking alot of great wine,and having encouraging conversations filled with laughter. Pretty much perfect.
  • GPMF Benefit date is booked! It will be at the same location as last year in Lapeer, Michigan and will be on Oct 22nd…SAVE THE DATE! We are improving on last years benefit for sure and have added a Chili cook off to this years line up. It will be an excellent day. More on that to come..
  • A final highlight of the week was joining up with the STORY crew at the 360 Peter Pan show. EXCELLENT!! A must see!
  • Lastly…Today I’m thankful for songs that get stuck in my head that I can sing under my breath and spread to others( I miss those blue eyes, something something something…), tiny sweet plums, intelligensia lattes, Lake Michigan, and my mom.

Till tomorrow…sneak peek sunday in the works!

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