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I know, I know. I’ve been on another blog hiatus. I can’t help it. Its summer in Chicago. I could argue pretty easily, theres not a better place to spend your summer.

But..tonight I was disciplined and made myself a writing plan for how much of the book I hope to have done by September, so expect more sneak peeks…and if I get lazy you have full permission to yell at me.

I also roped Ashley into writing another guest post. So, even if I get lazy this week…Ash will take care of us.

In the meantime, I thought I would share this poem. I saw this clip awhile ago, but just re-ran across it this weekend and it just knocked my socks off. Too good not to share for all those single ladies!


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Because….its Friday….

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So, the last little book exerpt…a little intense.

People who don’t really know me probably think I’m the saddest person in the world to be around! Seriously, all my intensity just comes out in my writing…I’m usually a pretty upbeat person! Haha.

To lighten the mood…here is my song of the day. Maybe play this when you read the next post and it will set the scene a bit brighter!

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I still sit in shock when I think about the terrible tragedy that continues to affect Japan.

The stories that keep on rolling in are devastating. No sanitary water. Blackouts that are affecting the hospitals with critical patients. Displacement of thousands of people. Families still searching for their children. Unsafe conditions. NUCLEAR LEAKS. Unreal that this is all happening as I go about my daily life.

My typical pattern tends to lean towards avoidance. I would rather not turn on the TV and catch the overwhelming footage. I would rather not look at the clips that seem like they are scenes from a movie with incredible special effects.

I would rather avoid eye contact as I walk past the homeless person that lives on my corner as I get my Starbucks.  I can easily avoid looking at the statistics that in the city that I have made a home 20% of the population is in poverty.

There is brokeness everywhere! And honestly its scary to watch. There seems to be such an increase of insane disasters that are taking the lives of so many people. It’s scary because we don’t know how safe we are. Theres nothing we could do to stop the ground from shifting underneath us.

So, what can we do? I know all I can do is pray. Pray for the people of Japan. Pray that God moves through our world. Bringing peace and hope to people who are facing extreme tragedy and grief right now. And give, if you can, to organizations that are saving the world. Medical Teams International is one group that is doing pretty amazing work (http://www.medicalteams.org/sf/Home.aspx). Along with old fav’s Red Cross, Salvation Army, and World Vision.

I also know that I need my eyes opened to not avoid the tragedy that is happening all across the world, but also within my 5 mile bubble.

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While I was sick this weekend, my medicine was watching Friends. Rachel has always been my favorite because I want to be her (even though I secretly know I am pheobe…). But, this just in…after spending alot of time with the ‘gang’, Chandler has jumped to the number 1 spot!

Heres a little taste for your Tuesday afternoon!

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Today is Ash Wednesday and I still am not quite sure how I am going to Lent. I need some opinions….

Tell me if I’m wrong,  because I’m not very knowledgable on this topic…but I’m pretty sure the purpose of Lent is to prepare us for Easter. Prepare us for the ressurection. I think that’s a beautiful thought…how do I want to be different, come Easter? What do I need to sacrifice in my life to prepare my heart. 

This is probably something that should be done more in private…but I’m stuck….I’m seeking wisdom!  

How should I approach this season??? I having been thinking about a few different things…1st it was sweets, because that’s always a good go-to…but then my motivation seemed to wrap more around my ‘wedding remodel plan’ (Sarah & Greg are getting married in less than 4 months and I am hoping to lose a few l.b.’s pre that date!) vs. Jesus.

Then my thought process went to the next obvious one…alcohol…Now I’m up for debate…but a favorite pastime and I think one of the best ways to spend time with my friends is with wine. Words are in my ‘things I can’t live without list’. Great conversations give me energy. The ability to hear my friends and family open up on whats happening in their life gives me joy. Great wine is one of the ways that I have community and in my opinion, Jesus likes that.

Which brings me to this community thought…..friends. family. people. I am so incredibly humbled when I think of the people I get to have in my life. Its unbelievable. I have friends that are seriously diamonds in the rough. Friends that I consider family are not just in my neighborhood. They are not just in the Chicago city limits. They are seriously spread across this country. In an all honest moment, 2011 has not been a year that I have been awesome with friendships. It’s easy to blame it on busyness. When I list out everything happening in my life I get overwhelmed…OT, writing, non-profit,small group, griefshare, social scene, eharm, sleep… YIKES! I have a great desire to keep up with friends and hear about their adventures or be in their life,  but the time factor limits me. I will readily admit, I’m a hard person to get ahold of. However, text messaging has changed my life. It has made friendships soooo much easier! With that, it has become an easy out for me and my long distance friendships. I feel as if I have talked with these friends if a quick text message thread has happened between us…not ok! I want to be more personally involved in these friendships…even if were not within walking distance of each other!

So, what does that mean…give up text messaging…I don’t know!! Bold move! Or does it mean add more phone calls. Instead of giving something up…could I add a phone call a day to a friend to hear about their life! Would that prepare me for Easter.

Help! What are you giving up? How do you approach ‘Lenting’??

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My wonderful friend Julia has put up some very interesting thoughts on grief and tragedy yesterday. Check out her blog….http://livenlovecestlavie.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/making-the-most-of-what-life-throws-you/

Julia is one of my blogging idols. Soon we are going to have a blogging date and she is going to teach me how to make my blog look cool like hers. I’m pumped. Stay tuned.

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