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Dear Niece

Dear Niece,

I know you are a cozy womb dweller right now, but I’m very anxious to meet you and have you join us out here on what we like to call earth. Don’t worry, that’s just one of the many things that I will teach you.

Before you join us, I thought I should share with you some tips that I have learned from being a Prendergast for the last twenty-nine years.  You are about to enter quite the family. There are quirks left and right that you will encounter. Some of them you will love, some of them will annoy the piss out of you.  (Example #1: we say ‘piss’ a lot. Thank your grandfather for that one).  But one thing will always remain, you will be loved unconditionally.

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–       Your Dad is a born and bred teacher. He will create teachable moments, revel in them when they are happening, and then be proud of them after the fact. At times he may need some affirmation for the wealth of knowledge you are taking in. Or…you could affirm him by showcasing proper form during your first set of squats.

–       Your mom is really good at fixing things. Trust her. She is wise and will put you first no matter what. You don’t have to ever doubt that.

–       If you are going somewhere with your parents and a bonus Prendergast (Read: Linda or Kia) you will probably be late wherever your going. Just get used to it.

–       At times your going to know better than you’re parents- but never stop listening to them. And unfortunately for you, those times you know better are not going to be as often as you think.

–       When you have exercise questions, ask your dad. When you have to build something, ask your mom. Any and all research go to Grandma.

–       It’s ok to make mistakes and sometimes do stupid stuff. Its important and will make you who you are. Just remember you are never to old to say I’m sorry.

–       In a few years you will be asked what your favorite animals are…don’t worry, for this question, you don’t have to think…you already know; Lions, Tigers, and Wolverines.

–       When you look back at pictures of your parents while you were in your mommy’s tummy you may come across one of your Dad holding a tiny pink lions outfit. His face kind of looks upset, but don’t worry he’s not. He just getting used to the fact that for the rest of his life he’s going to be worrying about his little girl.


–       You and I have something in common. We are both products of parents who pray. Don’t take that for granted. The Lords favor is a beautiful thing.

–       You have a lot of aunts that are really going to love you. I know that you will see many of your aunts more than me. At times that’s going to hard for me. But, it will be ok because the love that we have will be very special and just ours. (Watch out for that Mandiva though, she’s cray).

–       Moms are smart. They know things. Your mom is really smart. Take time to listen to what she says.

–       When you’re a grown up you may want to move away somewhere. That’s ok. Just remember home is where the hand is.

–       Never stop listening to Jesus’s voice. And during the times when you can’t hear him, you probably should change something and listen harder, cause he’s still talking.

–       I know right now you don’t have a brother…but someday you probably will. Its ok if your best friends with him from when he’s born til forever. Some people might make fun of you, but the jokes on them, because if your brother takes after your dad even a little bit, then your going to have someone in your corner for the rest of your life.  And that, little niece, is irreplaceable.

–       When you are in the process for looking for love, watch your parents and take notes. Choosing your future someone is an important job and they’ve done it right.

–       Never lose your sense of wonder. It’s all around you; sometimes you just have to fight to find it.

–       Grove Avenue is a special place. Theres magic there. Take time to appreciate it.

–       Your parents might want to do silly things with you like find the source of a spotlight or go deer watching. It may not seem like the most fun at the time, but cherish those moments, because, most likely, in 20 years, you will think back on those memories and smile.

–       Life is going to be tricky. It’s going to get messy. Just remember joy comes in the morning.

–       Your not going to meet your Grandpa on this earth. But don’t worry, you’ll still meet him because there’s a little bit of him in many people who love you. You’ll know your meeting him when you go fishing with me, appreciate mathematics, and when you hear your dad laugh really deeply; that’s your grandpa.

–       At the end of high school, even if the only thing that’s on the back of your varsity jacket is chess club; your parents are still going to be proud of you.

So tiny Prendi, I’m apologizing in advance for the warped sense of beauty and ego that I give you. What can I say; I’m sorry I’m not sorry that I know your perfect.

I can’t wait to meet you, it’s going to be the best.

Hugs & Smiles-

Aunt Kia


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