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I’m a scaredy cat.

I get scared very easily. I have watched enough pseudo scary movies to know that when the music stops something is going to happen, and I better be on guard. So, when that door suddenly opens, I jump. It doesn’t matter if it is a gleeful small child that just opened the door or a creepy mass murderer. I’m going to jump and probably scream a bit.

What gets me the most is any sort of movie that involves the ‘dark side’. A haunting. A spirit. A small ghost. Get out of here. You will not see my signing up to watch any movie that involves these topics. I’ve seen about three in my life and those three have had me jump off the train faster then humanly possible.

When I was 13 one of my mentors at church had recently lost her father. She described the loss as painful to this group of young women she was mentoring, but I remember a hopeful look in her eyes as she described how she feels like he is still with her and watching down on her often.

Now me, as an inappropriate, insensitive teenager did not read the emotional undercurrent of my older friends conversation and instead just said ‘SICK, like a ghost!’. Well done, young Kia, well done.

I look back on that conversation and cringe knowing the stupid statements people have said to me and the irritation I have felt because of them and then knowing very well that I have been that irritating person to others, and not just as a silly thirteen year old.

But it got me thinking about the concept now of my dad looking down on me from heaven. Maybe its because of my history of avoidance of anything ‘ghost’ related, but I’ve never thought much about heaven being a place where a lot of looking happens. When you make it up there, there’s just this giant window and now instead of my dad watching the ‘world series of poker’ he’s watching  ‘Days of Kia’s Life’.  Ehh, poor guy. Change the station Dad!

I’m all in for my dad staying active and knowing what’s happening with me. I do talk to him often and I know in the past three years he’s  turned on that show and yelled at the ‘HeavenTV’ ‘Use your head Michaja!’. But, for the most part, I have to believe that my ADD father is up to much bigger and better things on his heavenly adventure.

However, over this past weekend, something kind of cool happened.

The GPMFoundation, particularly my talented brother Greg Prendergast, II, put on our very first Golf Scramble. There was music, there was laughter, and there were a lot of SWEET and accurate long puts.

During this day I chose not to golf. I instead drank a lot a beers, took a lot of photos, and visited each foursome around the course somewhere. It was the best job I could have landed.

Its hard to describe, And I will say these moments were fleeting. But as I would bring my cart back to the pro shop and visit with whoever was at tee 1, I would have this thought and this odd understanding that I didn’t have to rush, because my dad was just inside the pro shop, grabbing me my next beverage. And then later at the BBQ, I would connect with an old friend and look over and for just a moment I could see my dad, talking with one of the boys, tipping his head back and laughing louder than anyone there.

So, I don’t know what my conclusion is. Do I want my Dad to know things about my current life?  Of course. Do I think he does? Yeah, I do. Do I feel his presence around me? Sometimes.

I’m not sure if its because he’s watching heaven-vision. Or if there’s some angelic twitter feed that he follows that keeps him updated on his loved one’s status’s. All I know is, for those fleeting moments on Saturday, I wasn’t sad. And it didn’t hurt. For just that moment, that small piece of time, everything was normal. And it felt good.

Heres a small glimpse into this great day


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