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See you in September…

Many of my latest blog posts have been apologizing about how infrequently I’ve been writing. And I am going to continue that trend.

I’ve loved this summer so far. There have been weddings, oceans, dance parties, and dilly dallying days.

Have I been incredibly busy…absolutely not.

Could I have wrote more….absolutely.

Did I? Nope. Instead, I’ve just enjoyed the sunshine. And its been great.

Now, did I just recently get a writing roast…yes. In a very big way.

Writing and pursuing this book is a desire that is strong in my heart. Instead of making it a priority, I have shifted it off to the side, hoping that it would just happen organically (said in a trusting hippie tone). Well, it hasn’t.

My career has always been on the top of my list of where I spend my time and energy, and thats not changing. I will still be on the hunt to crack the code of Autism and figure out how to give these little guys the ‘typical’ childhood that they deserve. But, I’m making room for some of my other loves. I’m attempting to shift some of my priorities so these ‘other’ dreams get their share of energy as well.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to actually attempt a 4 day work week! This is big guys. Just writing that gives me anxiety. The goal is to have my 5th work day spent on my other two projects that I love and am committed too- writing and my families non-profit “The Greg Prendergast Memorial Foundation”.

I’m pumped about this new direction that I hope to be headed toward. I’m in an attempt to move from inspiration to implementation. These ideas in my head are not making me a world changer…just a day dreamer!

I’ve got big dreams. We all do. I really think if the size of the vision you have for your life isn’t intimidating….then you are insulting God. We can do big things…we just have to make space in our life to do them. Easier said then done.

All this to say, I’m taking August to make a little room. I’m going to continue hanging out in the sun, get some tips on how to be a better blogger and writer. And come back with fires a-blazing.

See you on the flip side.


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